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       These horizontal photographs are framed in 11" x 14" black metal with a white acid-free mat.  The image is 7" x 10¼" and they are priced at $88 each.  You may make your purchase online.  Other sizes are available, but you must call 210.844.5655 to place your order.

Concepcion Towers with Well
Big Red
Concepcion with palms
San Juan Mission After Renovation

Espada Door
Big Foot at Big Tex
San Jose Door

Sun Fresco


       As a military brat, I lived in England for many years and my sense of wonder and love of the past has its roots to the first time I touched the stones of Stonehenge and did my first rubbings of tombstones in the old English Church cemeteries. This love of the past has encouraged me to explore the roots of San Antonio's culture and the missions are an exciting place to begin. I imagine that these mission doors (Portals) have welcomed many souls over their threshold and they hold many untold stories. These photographs are the beginning of my exciting pursuit to discovering more Portals to the Past. --- Denise A. Barron